Fiber to the Shed!

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So, its been a while, but I have finally got Fiber to the Shed! A few months back i bought 40 meters of 6 pair (12 fiber) from I got duplex fibers, with LC UPC connectors on it. Its taken a while to get installed (due to other work going on in the back garden and the CloudShed), but finally, we are live! Bundle of UPC LC connectors wrapped in their protective packaging…

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Doors, Floors, Roof and Windows Installed

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So, its been a while, but finally, the Doors, Floors, Roofs and Windows (if you can call them that) have been installed. Proper floor down. Proper steel, secure, door installed These “Windows” will allow heat out and cold air in. Not as much light as the old Windows, but still work well. Servers and IT equipment don’t need light!