Been a while…

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So, its been a while since I posted here… Some quick updates for whats going on in the CloudShed.

First, I have moved some smaller machines into the CloudShed, including my ADB-S Raspberry Pi (I need a better antenna for it), my Intel Nuc (running Windows 11), a Mini Ryzen Box, a BeeLink Ryzen 5 5500U (Also running Windows 11) and my HP Micro Server (running Proxmox).

Not quite a server rack

There are 2 Uquititi Edge Switches 48 Pros in the CloudShed. One currently operating and connected back to the house at 10Gb (both ports are connected, but only one in the house is running… I ran out of optics..)

Fiber uplinks on the Edgeswitch

And the second is currently spare. I also have a Synology Box (DS1819+) which seems to be having power supply issues… Some day i will get this sorted…)

Spare EdgeSwitch on a broken Synology

The NUC and AMD Ryzen box are quite happy running in here. And they dont take up much space. Both are running Windows 11. The NUC was being used for photo and video injest, but will be changed to running Proxmox at some stage. The Ryzen box is running Plex, but may end up with Proxmox and Plex virtulized. We will see…

Intel Nuc and Ryzen on top of EdgeSwitch and beside the HP Micro Server

Here is another shot of the Nuc (the top was removed at one stage to put in an SSD, and then i lost it…) and the Ryzen.

Intel Nuc and Ryzen box, better look

I hope to move some more stuff into the shed in the coming weeks.